This online workshop aims to celebrate and nourish the birth parent and prepare you for the first 6 weeks of your newborn’s life.  Research shows the parent/infant dyad is a critically important relationship and the environment within which we welcome our newborns has a profound impact on their development and well-being.  This workshop will help parents understand the benefits of creating protected time and space to develop a strong, connected relationship during the first weeks of their newborn's life.  Learn how to not just survive, but thrive - we’re here to help you make the first 40 days of your baby's life the best days of your life.

This course is instructed by Bridget Lynch, RM.  Bridget has practiced midwifery in Toronto, Ontario for over 30 years and focused her career on supporting the birth parent/infant dyad during the first six weeks postpartum.  The content offered through the First 40 Days Workshop is a culmination of her practice, experience, and research.

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Sunday - 10:00-3:00 PM EST


    January 16

    February 13

    March 13

    April 10

    May 15

    June 12

    July 10

    August 14 


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The first 40 days can be some of the most important days of your baby's life, a time of adjustment and inclusion into your family.  Join us as we deliver a comprehensive guide to welcoming your baby.


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